The ‘eye’ of an almighty presence sheds a tear, a tear that ripples the waters of the earth and symbolizes a people in grave danger. With a societal climate that screams a serious void of morality, neglect, and denial is denigrating the human psyche. A people who is not only being led, but are becoming imprisoned without bars that will eventually cross all racial divides. Our minds and how we elect to think holds us hostage to limit and remove our freedom of movement as this ideology of modern-American communism reigns.

Do we give a damn? That question is for every human being black or white. Are whites so entitled that they feel that none of what’s happening today will avoid them? Are they so hung up on their entitlement that they fail to see their own truth? Soon, there will be an unveiling unlike anything we have ever seen if the people don’t protect themselves by paying attention to the narratives of hidden racism that is blind to the color of your skin.

The annals of ‘hidden racism’ are no longer lingering and left in its wake are cultural landslides decimating our country. This cultural erosion, dedicated to the elimination of the middle-class has sickened our nation both here and abroad. Third World countries have now been added to the list that includes the America’s. These America’s are witnessing communism, social restrictions, and surges on criminal injustices affecting all people of color in particular.

The core of greed is the reality of never being satisfied. More, tripling up on even more, becomes the cross that all will eventually carry.


Where are the Black- Men?

Traveling around the country speaking, I have found that men aren’t represented enough to discuss and share their concerns. Men, by in large, are the forgotten gender and as a result have become ostracized and criticized for being ineffective as fathers, husbands, community activists, and mentors for our young boys. For precisely that reason, I have forged my personal assault by challenging men to gather and galvanize the ideals that affect men most. As a man there is so much more we can do that will harness our concerns and hopefully find ways to become more supportive, and present.

This assault comes in the form of workshops that beckon the question, “Where are the men?” I am currently formulating this staging initiative, but I need men to step up and participate. If you need direction, and we all do, let me know if you’re interested. Humble yourself by admitting that you don’t have all the answers, and as a result, resolves are in order, and why, because many of us are OUT of ORDER!

I can say wholeheartedly that young men are welcome that covers all ages. Get your children and grandchildren on board as they enter the age of reason as they share these important times with their fathers, grandfather’s, brothers, and so forth. So, join me, join us in supporting an initiative worthy of notice and application. If interested, pass the word. #Getinvolved, #bybeingpresent.

About Us – Community Pathways and Transition NFP

Giving back is my mantra. In so doing, I have the distinct pleasure to meet and greet many people. As I meet these folks, sometimes I run into people who are about aligning themselves with those who are less fortunate, or are in need for that ‘jump start’ that could change their lives forever.

For that reason, I was asked to become a part of this up and coming organization whose mission is providing opportunities. So, check out the link below, and if you’re impressed with the mission statement consider a donation. The life you save could be your own.



 empathy image. 2016                                          The Simple Definition of Empathy:

The feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions – and/or the ability to share someone else’s feelings because you have lived it.

It’s no secret that to walk in another’s shoes is the ONLY way you can even begin to understand the plights of others. From being different from what is considered to be the norm, and standing out because you don’t seem to ‘fit in’ marks you as a person who cries for acceptance. Trying to ‘fit in’ forces you to move away from who you truly are while forging this lie and pretense. As you’re made to feel inferior because of your plus size, your kinky hair, to your personal beliefs, to the color of your skin, becomes an everyday challenge, a challenge that has ended horribly because the faith that you thought you had wasn’t great enough.

As we all have heard at one time another the phrase that ‘I’m so sorry, I know how you feel,’ is a misnomer. It’s impossible to actually know how someone feels unless you have experienced what is being compared. Your perceived emotions to get into someone’s head and actually share their feelings for your own is distrusting to say the least.


How can we listen to our children when we barely listen to ourselves?

The beginning task of a new parent is to offer promise, security, and opportunity. If these three provisions were never given to you, what chance would you have in leading and living a productive life? Answer, None! With this fact seemingly becoming the inheritance of so many children the opportunity to promote a much more enriching lifestyle vanishes due to generational servitude. This negative hand-me-down inheritance is the mainstream to personality conflicts, behavioral issues, and reasoning prowess. These character inconsistencies is a sure ‘shot in the foot’ that alters any positive return that remotely resembles character completion. 

Being emotionally torn by your parents rips at your personality. Your outlook on life slowly becomes that time bomb can blow at any time. This emotional stripping of  child security begs the release of any ties to a family by destroying it’s core values. These core values that should be highlighted by undeniable integrity escapes many of our children and forces them into a world where they can find the least resistance.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary:  

“The Conscious Parent.”

What is your child triggering in you?

Is your child broken emotionally and you don’t know why? Does your child remind you of how you were raised that lead to regret and rebellion? Could you be reliving your youth and the emotional upheaval that you were exposed to that provided that example for them to witness? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may be part of the problem rather than the solution, and now you’re paying the price for that indiscretion.

For years, the first line of love and respect for a child began in the home. The parent (s) were that child’s first example of how a woman should act, and how a father takes on the responsibility of managing his family. This stirring domestic package can damage or promote adult excellence and therein results in those disheartening behavioral patterns of destruction.

Create an environment for your child to rise.

All of us are products of our environment because we emulate that which we see. Any child who grows up in a complete family environment grows in the knowing of inclusion and maturity. In order for a child to rise, that child must have those critical building blocks early. Without learning and practicing the tenets of responsibility, the child can become jaded where his/her views of life and the world become skewed.

Children need to discover their own presence without having to please us.

Every young person deserves the right to discover themselves. The search for who they are becomes THEIR journey, and THEIR lesson. It will be the lessons that form their character where the creation of substance vs. shallowness becomes the mainstream into a life fulfilled. In order to find purpose, a child requires that leverage that affords them ways as to how they should stay in the game. When their in the game, they soon adopt a winning spirit.

Connect to the spirit of your own child but not before you can do that for yourself.

Connecting mind, body, and spirit is essential for us all. One cannot function effectively without the other. Connecting the spirit of the child places them in touch with their own realities. It’s in this real world that children begin to realize what stepping into a world vortex that will change all too often something else must counter the negative challenges that will surely come their way.



What’s your Absolute?

As often as I speak, I don’t consider myself as a motivator nor am I an inspirational communicator. What I do advocate is being that ‘life realist.’

My methods speak to what we all know truth to be. Your truth, my truth are absolutes because the wrongs in life hurt, demean, and strip people of their rightful place. To consider a wrong is knowing that what you do to others is not something you would appreciate for yourself, or a loved one. Hate on your time, not mine. Examine your own truth without criticizing mine. Be that example that transcends the negative myths that the world has grown to know all too well.

The Illusion of Inclusion 

Image result for perseverance….and this is the misnomer my friends. To know who you are at a time when that’s crucial, is to know the path of resistance that equals your existence and your ‘stay’ in life. We all come from varied backgrounds, yet some of us cannot relate to the backgrounds of others who may be less fortunate. The learning is to understand cultures and difference, but it cannot boil down to who has, and who doesn’t. Instead, the focus is to avoid judgement that creates inferiority, and it surely can’t be a feeling of self-worth. How you feel about yourself must be the mental infrastructure that sustains and galvanizes. It will be the strengthening of that connection to carry you forward and beyond the scope of ‘what was, to what is, and what could surely be.’

As I think often about my day-to-day, that thought begins with my purpose. My purpose is definable only by the seriousness of my intent. To only want because it happens to be the ‘fashion’ of the day is simply not enough. To answer the questions of relevance simply to respond to what is expected, is still not enough. That sincere examination of self that is laced with pure honesty, must be the force behind the intent to persevere. As the notion of perseverance speaks to the refusal of merely being tolerated, should ignite a refusal to become unmovable. Being steadfast, used in the same breath of persevering, is that icing on the cake of creation, your creation. There is nothing worse than accepting mediocrity due to the battles of ‘old,’ and at the hands of other biased surveyors. Finding ways to thrive in a society that wishes to write people of color off as ongoing causalities by seeing us as obstacles for selfish gain, beckons the question of why!? It is therefore the ‘why’s in this lifecycle that garners a collective reality that continues to scream insufferable indignation on all levels in order to control, minimize, and destroy generations.

If you haven’t noticed, generations have been eliminated for the past 400 hundred years, but yet we rise. Incarceration, the removal of educational opportunities, the lack of sustainable employment are the life-lines to that control. Any steps made to brush off this radical persecution has been carefully planned for centuries. However, it has now come down to an individualized effort to find that life sustenance that keeps our crowns properly mounted. To be strong, the ‘roots’ of a tree must be maintained and void of compromised earthly synergy. An earthly presence to those ‘roots’ that have a long history of perceived defeat, is numbed by the retaliatory presence of a spiritual ally.  It is nature calling to remind us of what’s important because even in death, even in poverty, can’t kill the reckoning of that which is destined to arrive.

The countless and unsolicitated deaths of young black men and women wreaks of hatred and undeniable evil, an evil that cripples and separates the true meaning of righteousness. These shootings for all intent and purposes are murders of convenience and perhaps even sport. For those responsible, choices were available, but instead, death was the choice made. When the killing of a human being is protected even though the victims are unharmed, the idea of imminent danger is NOT a defense.

It would help me if an explanation could be entered as to why blacks are hated so much? How can someone be judged and overwhelmingly catagorized as vile, evil and lazy? Color should not be the tool to eliminate or denigrate just because the ability to do so is available. Turn about can happen in the time it takes for the human heart to beat. Nothing stays the same forever, and nothing beats the truth over a lie. It behooves all who oppress to see yourselves as mere humans like everyone else. No one should have this monopoly over another simply to keep them bound to a society whose wish is only to deprive, control, and kill.

This immoral leprosy connected to these governing bodies that has invaded this country is disgustingly shameful and has stained the moral compass of what this America needs to represent. Corruption, greed, racial bigotry, and mental governmental ineptness, are the ‘calling cards’ of this governing populous. As the America I grew up in has vanished, my perspective on life and the mechanics of government is still intact because I still understand what a true democratic process should look like, but the hypocrisy currently being practiced by #45, is baffling, nontraditional, and void of common decency because what’s said can’t be believed! The promises made won’t be kept, and deceit is the ‘custom-made suit’ of today worn by too many.