Reboot 8.0/Coming to Morgan Park, Maple Park Communities

A brighter day is in the making as this new community venture will open its doors to children and young adults in February, 2017. This endeavor, created to empower black communities, carries a long list of black professionals from all walks of life who are giving up their time and their expertise to see change in these communities. 

I am happy to announce my active role in this worthwhile endeavor along with a host of other professional, like-minded people who agree to providing hope to countless others who desperately need a hand-up.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.


As I’ve gotten older, smarter, and wiser, the ease of understanding ‘generations’ is now my litmus sheet to my own beliefs. Born unto this generation there was opportunity where dreams could be measured. The generation of my parents, called the ‘silent generation’ made there way by staying under the radar, and for that effort, they were able to support their families with limitations. However, their parents were rising from slavery, but were able to instill values and morals. Hard work and sacrifice were the primary virtues that they thrived upon which left them very proud people.

To study the rise and fall of generations, I have discovered how resilient we are as a people. A people of undeniable complexities, but a people of intensified endurance. For me, and the life I managed to build for myself came by way of modeling my parents, and taking those examples to greater heights. Your life must be one of ‘steroid injections’ that make you stronger, wiser, and smarter. 

This ‘generational eclipse’ can’t be lost, and our job is to provide assurances to our offspring so that can pass it on. Generation X, and now the Millennials have developed in a way that struggle and hard work isn’t an option. They choose to seek ways to improve the way success is obtained through modern technology while refusing to accept the previous ‘generational norms.’ But the basic building blocks to success is preparation, hard work, and sacrifice because nothing of worth comes easy. 

Our millenials foster acceptance on all fronts. Racism and bigotry that is so very prevelant, is now becoming a workable matter that carries no relevance. It is this generation that will rise victorious by taking the reins of leadership  and example. Change for the better is coming, but the ultimate sacrifices will continue. There has been no generation nor has their been any historic event that hasn’t lost lives, but those losses cannot continue when the lives of the oppressed are taken everyday. Know that pressure creates diamonds. #MyWords #YourReality.

Reboot 8.0/ Community Outreach

These following photos are representative of a social movement to educate and empower young children and young adults. This social and economic development incentive is fashioned by the Reboot 8.0 outreach located at 11509 S. Elizabeth, in Chicago, serving the community of Maple Park/Morgan Park areas.

The men and women involved in this movement come from all walks of life which includes all phases of technology from financial and labeling professionals, IT Experts, Cyber Space Technology, Web Design, to educators and other successful business entrepreneurs who understand the path to success. These men and women have offered to provide their time and talents to insure the hope for these young people, and young adults, that an effort to procure knowledge in working productive fields can happen if they can give themselves a chance.

I, along with my partnered group, (MKG) Mind Kapital Group, will address notable issues that actually speaks to Mind, Body, Spirit overlays. Through this focus, the issues of readiness start with ‘mind acceptance, healthy nutritional foresight, and a deeply rooted spiritual base. Without these personal ingredients, nothing of purpose can be attained. Stay tuned as this purposeful exchange of leadership unfolds.

¡An Introduction of My Truth!

The pride of my ancestry has been one of neglect, but mostly one of oversight. It takes a true patron of truth to embrace heritage, as I came to realize that had it not been for those who were able to rise before me, I wouldn’t be here in the now of my own presence. 

Since that historic election of President Obama, this country, nor this world in its whole could have never imagined the significance of his appointment. It was through his ‘selection’ that our faith was redeemed, and the impossible became everyone’s reality. 

When a man toils, that man grows. When a man sacrifices, he has already sown his own destiny by the seeds he has planted. When a man weeps, he cleanses his soul, and fortifies his vision to seek the perceived impossibilities of life. It is through living and breathing that we become etched within the spiritual fabric of a ‘marred’ existence. As matters look bleak and hopeless, we must stand together as one, not divided, not disillusioned, but watchful. Keep your eyes open so you can witness the miracle of faith adorned, and the strength of the historic values held within our black history. Make no mistake, we are Kings and Queens. We are rulers who lead, fought, and died for what was right. And while we were taken from our land, stripped of our culture and our birthright, we need not fold, but in its stead, we prosper, we learn, and we grow. Know for certain, we will rise, and truth we prevail because it always does. #Neverstopbelieving.

Racism vs. Reality

I reflect often on my life, and what penetrates my mind most is the idea of racism, and the realities of what is really important. You see, when your minds eye focuses on the real prize, nothing else should matter. Held within the eye of racism, and hatred of epic proportions is fear and greed. The fear of losing ground, coupled with the fear of losing control, forces those who seek this domination to render their own measures of fear to regain that control.

My most gratifying moments were spent in war. You see war forces people to band together because we need one another. My back becomes your back, where there is no time for bias, hatred, or prejudice of any kind. When this occurred for me, what was common practice became uncommon. Racial interaction was complete due to the common ground that was witnessed and needed by all.

The presidential election of 2016, ends the reign of one of our greatest presidents, Barack Obama. His leadership, his vision, and his resilience has in my book, become exemplary. For me he has written the book on how to be presidential and that ultimate statesman. His character is impeccable, and his legacy has been framed as majestic. To not see this man as special, labels these naysayers as bigots. That loss of control is a stab in the heart, and that foot hold is no longer solid mass of bleeding and rotten flesh. 

I can readily understand when your house begins to erode from the inside out. What keeps that house stable are the inner mechanisms that preserve and protect. In hindsight, this erosion will be magnified, and the tenets of fair and just play will indeed prevail.

¡Being Befriended!

To be ‘befriended’ means that someone has truly embraced you. They have taken you under their wing and guided you down a path of assurances. These assurances are symptomatic to creating a platform to stand firmly upon that will hopefully launch you into a stratosphere that allows you to see things different from everyone else. These people who engage difference can be viewed as visionaries that births an introspection into channeling your energy that combines mind, body, and spirit.

These symbolic illustrations that can induce mindful clarity, can and will embellish further growth. Continuing to grow in all of those prescribed endeavors creates ‘soulful intent.’ This ‘soulful intent’ therein captures and becomes the guardian to that inner-self that often gets lost as we grow older. The very idea of defining your inner-self is difficult because so many of us can’t handle our own truth. The truth in all that we do is demonstrated in what and who we become.

To foster a belief system that will regulate behavior is the beginning to healing emotionally. 

Mother’s are Special Indeed!

There is nothing like a mother’s love for it is real and everlasting. My posts of her are not only a part of her legacy, but a huge part of mine. She is my rock, and my precious stone. If your mother is still with you, make sure she is a part of your life because they deserve to be needed and cherished. 

My mother is the inspiration that I received for my entire life, and as a reward, I’ve grown both personally and professionally. Happy 89th birthday mom.