Realizing Your Success

Your reality check to your ability to draw people to you begins with that same ability of selling an idea that many need. To host an event where your participants are eager to hear what you have to say is humbling, and exciting. 

My platforms began in small settings from classrooms, to school assemblies, to churches, and community events, and have now escalated to larger venues, and to that I owe my willingness to keep on trying.

As I’ve reached this speaking plateau, I also understand the significance of breeding an image worthy of recognition. First impressions always matter, and your impression matters to me. Thanks to all who have supported me over the years, and to those who have yet to meet me. Never surrender your dream until you decide through trial and error that the dream is beyond your reach.

Our Most Prize Possession

The fate of this country falls in the laps of our youth. If they’re not prepared, their fate will be reversed. It’s important to know the mind of a child is like a sponge capable of absorbing anything that they’re led to in life. Kids are hungry, but that hunger warrants appeal. Without the help of previous generations, the futures for these kids are bleak and worthy of no merit. Hope must continue to reign supreme, but the follow-up to hope is opportunity. 

¡The Recalibration of Your Mind!

I interface with people from all walks of life and what I’ve discovered is a helpless, ill-advised continuation of their thinking that keeps them aimless and lost. Any thinking regimen that cripples or erodes, is a thinking mechanism destined to fail just as frequently because nothing NEW in this method is sought. If failure is imminent, fail at a high level, a level of living that appreciates over time because you have NOW become that qualitative thinker.

It seems that no matter how often these people of no measure scream ‘foul,’ the more they insist on changing everyone else but themselves. For positive change to occur, one must elevate in order to stage a sense of completion and self-worth. Varied techniques of thinking is simply looking at choices subjectively. You must become the absolute focal point on all that you elect to do.


History is known to repeat itself, but this day, while speaking to a group of kids, I reminded them that the days of ole could never happen again. The link above is my mission to set the record straight by informing these younger generations about their past, and how their ancestors suffered, but fought back, even unto death.

It is easy to become what you think, but if you’re never exposed to anything different, change will never come. Our kids are a microcosm of events, events that define, and those that ridicule, strip, and destroy. Every waking hour should be time spent on this premise of redefinition. The norm can no longer be the constant, but must become that difference. When you can make that difference in someone’s life, that day stands as a monument to change.

Minimizing Comfort

Another successful seminar that illustrated the meaning of exacting comfort levels or not. It’s been my experience that too much comfort will birth a high level of complacency. When we’re too complacent, our need to push foward becomes stagnant. When your movement is less extreme, that lack of movement is progressive, but it’s not heightening. Remaining unproductive places you into vacuum that sucks the life out of you when you were born to thrive. 

This demonstration, a symbol of construction vs. destruction, is the mental nutrition we all need. To waddle in mediocrity, is like dying homeless and hungry. 


“We are all sharks, circling, and waiting for traces of blood to appear in the water.” (Alan Clar)
To adorn the idea of death and doom seems to be an attraction for far too many people. The Gladiators of ancient Rome, a history enigma, who killed Christians for sport and virtual entertainment, experience great satisfaction in the death and mutilation of their captives. Much like those times of insane behavior to make referrals of amusement is exactly where the racial strife occurring in this country has gone. For many, racial hatred has again evolved and killing blacks has become the repeat of old. From mere target practice, to provoking accounts of insults by police are bookmarks to justify an unjust action against blacks. To try and label this heinous acts of racism would be fruitless and ignored simply because those who break the laws, write and enforce the laws are one in the same.

The answer to even quail these behaviors let alone eliminate the behavior is a stretch to say the least. To handle these obscene incidents, one can focus only on themselves by placing yourself in healthy places both physically and emotionally. Guarding that person in every conceivable way should become the personal mission to all who care about preserving black dignity. So, don’t become that bait floating in the waters of doom until you deliver the best of who you are.