Mother’s are Special Indeed!

There is nothing like a mother’s love for it is real and everlasting. My posts of her are not only a part of her legacy, but a huge part of mine. She is my rock, and my precious stone. If your mother is still with you, make sure she is a part of your life because they deserve to be needed and cherished. 

My mother is the inspiration that I received for my entire life, and as a reward, I’ve grown both personally and professionally. Happy 89th birthday mom.

!The Lone Voice of White America!

I was moved by a video clip given by a young ‘white man’ who told the truth about black oppression. For the first time in my life, a person from another race who are considered to be black oppressors found the courage to defend the plight of black people. Visit his website at the bottom of this page to hear more.

Know for certain that hatred in America will be deepened. As deep as this hatred is, our faith has to be much greater, where this same faith must be matched by action, and not reaction. These events will continue to mount where our oppressors will continue to agitate, denigrate, beat and murder people of color no matter the age, or the gender. Doom is in our midst, but resolve will out live these heinous, and blatant acts of cruelty. It will take the stand of other ‘whites’ to see and truly embrace the black plight. Enough is enough, so if our oppressors can rise, and see their acts as wrong, punishing, resentful, and deadly, this country can begin to heal.

As I speak this weekend in Connecticut, my thoughts and words will be my arsenal against tyranny, separatism, indifference, and bias on all fronts. I pray that my [God] will guide my words where the #truth of my words will be heard and measured. It’s time for people of color to continue this rise of conscientiousness to enable and not cripple. Let it be known that #Blacklivesaredevalued mantra has risen, so the inherent notion of all black people is that #whitesdontcare. When the attitude of not caring is allowed to CONTINUE, revolution will happen sooner than later.

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Image result for construction sitesThe beginning stage of any construction site starts with architectural drawings. His/her vision communicates specifically how this building will look and operate from top to bottom. The comparison to this illustration involves the planning that must take place in your life. Every stage in your life, every new adventure you elect to undertake has to be calculating. There is no stone that goes unturned when establishing credible, and insightful life planning.

To live a purposeful life, one must live that life with insurmountable intent. The intention that you mount is one of unshakable aggression.It is a proven fact that an aggressive personality breeds success even if it’s no more than finding out what works and what doesn’t. Failing at a high level is already a valuable experience because your point of achievement becomes your ‘bookmark’ to you next adventure.


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A hazard is a warning, a warning that can be difficult to navigate through or around. In this discovery of required avoidance, readying yourself for the difficult terrain gives you an opportunity to find an alternate route for a safer, and wiser journey.

I think often about my life, and because of this, there appears to be continuous challenges where men overall tend to have as they walk through their individual journey. Though tough and unpredictable, men are often forced to endure many uncertainties that deal with their egos, and other sensitivities men seldom admit. The mere mention of being sensitive is much like using one of those 4 letter words meant to disrespect, undermine, or shame.

Within the framework of male dominance, it appears that the male subject would rather be referred to being irresponsible over being inadequate. To be deemed inadequate, men see that as a weakness where their ego’s become limited, and even questioned. To be inadequate means that a man is also seen as powerless and image less. This term speaks more to an emptiness held within his own spirit and beckons the question  of absence within his own family either physically or emotionally. Therefore, an ’emotional hazard’ can be that ‘thing’ which appears above the surface of the skin that may be obscure but hurts nonetheless.

Obscurity, as seen as the unknown, is that hidden blemish that could become worse over time. The irresponsibility of not caring for this blemish could also become that blend of inadequacy that has now affected your appearance. This visual flaw becomes your undoing and makes you unappealing. Even through the NO appeal platitude, trying must prevail.


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In the midst of so much chaos, many of us subscribe to maintaining our comfort levels. From waking up in the morning you begin doing any and all things that have become habit, or have become comfortable. Where comfort is good we only do what we’re comfortable with, but stepping out and away might be a focus of consideration to do something different. I use this chart as a teaching tool that emphasizes your comfort combined with a form of challenge. You won’t continue growing until you begin something new and explore your true capabilities. #simplycommomcents, #chicagobeforemidnight