¿Jealous or Not?

​Many of my thoughts are moments of reflection. Thoughts that render me an opportunity to look inside myself to determine what I can change about me. This comes as no surprise because there is always something about yourself that can be changed, or at least altered. If change is a waste of your time, it’s no surprise that you’re in the same place you were a year ago, ten years ago. So, let’s talk about a ‘character trait’ that many of us are guilty of, and that would be jealousy.

Can you even admit that you are a jealous person? Can you admit that this character trait has been a part of your life for quite sometime? If you can, let’s break it down a bit, and see jealousy for what it is, and what it may be doing to you.

Jealousy exists when somebody has something you want, or can do something you can’t. Jealousy is the underlying garment that doesn’t shield you from yourself, but rather places you on ‘front street’ for all to witness. Is this interesting yet? Let’s continue!

Jealousy, which is one of many character traits that I describe and wrote about in my book, ‘Simply Common-Cents, the Discipline of Uncommon Reasoning,’ Jealousy is a ‘stuck-point,’ which simply means that you’re in a serious rut, and you see no way out. This no way out is determined by your refusal to admit this flaw, or that you are very comfortable in being jealous. Whatever the reason, jealousy is your weakness, and it is also your escape from being the person that you could be if you tried.

However, for many, being jealous allows you to hate. It allows you to criticize, and it allows you to withdraw from your own reality. To be a jealous person is a mindful phenomenon that didn’t suddenly occur. It is not a flaw that you just happened upon, nor is it a figment of someone else’s opinion.

People who I find to be jealous will always find a way to undermine what you have done, or finds fault with anything you wish to do. Jealousy is that ‘thing’ that speaks before you do, and cripples any relationship that you might ever have now, or in the future. The hardest task regarding you being jealous is to determine why! There is a reason, and there is a source. Here are a few suggestions to remedy your ‘stuck-point.’

Is jealousy a habit of yours? If so, why? Is jealousy a convenience, if so why? Is jealous a fabrication, or an exaggeration? If so, why? Is jealousy a personal tool that allows you to escape the possible friendships that you could have? If so, there is a reason. If you care enough to find out, seek your own truth, and then tell the truth before someone else tells you themselves. #Foodforthought.

I’m out. I just dropped the mic! Have a great day FB.



I am my own worst critic, therefore I believe in testing my ability to change. It is through changing that I voluntarily explore the many facets of intellectual possibilities.

I have come to know that education is not the learning of facts, but rather the act of teaching the brain how to think. So often, and involving so many, we tend to avoid the notion of thinking differently, and the reason for that is because our way of thinking is one of habit or exaggeration. It is about these reoccurances the we become comfortable, content, and spoiled. It’s these characteristics that define us in such way that we become ‘fixed’ in the idea of what complacency truly represents.

When I write a book, I detach myself from anything ordinary. It’s the extraordinary that I tend to embrace because the idea of mediocrity smothers me. To avoid this, find what moves you to change. Find what vastness held within the universe can offer you. Instead of waiting for the axe to fall,’ get busy on moving enough to escape the trappings of the world as we see it now. Remember, the holes that we dig only get deeper when we do nothing to get out!

Reboot 8.o Course Offerings

The link below is a flyer describing the courses that will be available for certification. These courses will be taught by professional black men and women who have/are working in these fields. It should be no secret how important it is to stay current in career pursuits in order to offset this trending America as that relates to ‘Green Technology.’ If you are interested in participating as an instructor, or you wish to become a student, please read the information and contact the corporate office for added information.

The Reboot 8.0 Institute 

My latest venture is my involvement with this urban training incubator. There are a host of professional men and women who are dedicated to providing hope to kids and young adults around the city of Chicago. This provision of hope is set to introduce career alternatives in the areas of Web design, Cyber Security, Marketing and Advertising, and 3D Animation. The impetus to what green technology promotes is to bring young people into the 21st Century and beyond.

By my staying current by engaging these young people creates an atmosphere of creativity that encourages and disciplines. My promotion of this endeavor will continue until the beginning of such becomes this reality of vision. But before any of this can be taught, the candidate must be mentally equipped to rise and wants to learn. The foundation of all learning comes with the basic skills, ‘mind preparation’ and possessing the ability to breakdown the process to grasp what’s being taught.

The basics of math are learned early in school from learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Coverting fractions into decimals are all ‘part and parcel’ to the escalation of more complex equations. Everything has a beginning and that beginning ‘jump starts’ that reality.

The planning of this urban, progressive initiative is being launched. From the acquisition of a training facility, to the preparation of an aggressive, but appropriate curriculum, this instrument is critically essential to learning in steps, and not by force. Learning must be fun again, but the innate desire to learn must be uppermost in the mind of the student.Making learning fun must also be relative.’Mind, body, and soul’ must all be infinitely linked in order to succeed.


Promoting and endorsing your own behavioral correctness requires the basic understanding of what is inherently subjective to you the person. Any pattern of behavior that is obtrusive or impeding in any way, could be the central flow to the problems that you’re experiencing emotionally. Your emotions govern your behavior by molding characters that are stable. The stability of character brings credibility. We you’re credible, people listen and adopt. 

¿A Living Document?

In this precise instance, ‘The Constitution’ should be that living document that is unabridged. The selfish reference to the Constitution to use boldly to defy and undermine the masses. If the ‘Constitution’ continues to be this misguided interpretation of what is lawful and just, anarchy will rise, and rise it has in the now of our presence.   

The evolution of time over centuries of change underscores the relevance and importance of this piece of legislation and therefore must be modified, altered, and even rewritten to apply fairly without bias of any kind. It will be these sanctions of fact that provides some measure of ‘fair completion’ that molds the embodiment of a people scorned. 

The ‘Constitution’ as it was written initially was NOT written to benefit nor consider people of color. People of color were slaves but in my estimation, people of color were indeed prisoner’s of war. As I’ve read the Constitution many times, the thoughts are consistent with dominance and control. That the rights of a people of dominance must be held up as law to govern and set policy against those who were enslaved, and who are still held hostage, and killed. Even though a revision of the ‘Constitution’ was made in 1992, the core values of this document fall into a category of extreme difference and obscene bias. Where the document is fundamentally clear, the interpretation is manipulated and misused by convenience.